Welcome to the Big Island

First full day on Big Island, nothing planned just hanging out. Met the cool security guard.  Got the internet up and running so we could do this website and chat for awhile.  Went to lunch at "Bubba Gump Shrimp Company".  Stalked weird bumper stickers.   Took silly pictures of them.  Went shopping at Wal-mart which was super-crowded for no special reason by both tourists and locals. Tried to recover from jet lag so we can go snorkeling tomorrow without falling off the Zodiac boat as we careen over the waves. Watched the Japanese cable channel around here and got addicted (it was raining outside).  Were too lazy to go out for dinner and ordered pizza  delivered by this really great (but expensive) local place.  Crashed after ER (shown at 9pm not 10pm here!) as we have to get up really early tomorrow for the snorkel trip.  Tomorrow's Eric's B-day!

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