Morning in Hawaii


Okay, it's our first morning here and I'm online after Eric set up the local internet connection (If you look way in the back of the shot, you'll see a woman at the table on her laptop).  Eric took this shot looking in at our lanai (porch) at our condo.  This is only 1/2 of the size of our porch– to the right is the beginning window/door for our master bedroom with more patio furniture.  We love it here!

  We are on the first floor which is cool (as you will see below) the only problem is lately there has been a rash of burglaries on this side of the island at vacation condos on the bottom floor.  We have good security at our unit though so we should be OK.  Besides, we made friends with the ultra cool Japanese security guy here named Rollin who rides around on a bike.  He 'talk story" with us by giving us the all the gossip about the guys they've caught and sent to the police in the area.  I think he will watch out for us 🙂

This is a close up shot from the walkway in front of our lanai of the crazy rough surf (not usual for this part of the island) at 2x zoom.  Last night the waves were crashing up higher then this but it was too dark to photograph them.  Last night we weren't allowed on the walkway because of the high surf alert.  

The crashing of the surf is great to sleep and relax to. Eric called it "the moods of the ocean" because sometimes the surf is quiet and sometimes loud over just a few minutes time.  How poetic 🙂

A slightly blurry picture of a surfer who was enjoying the waves next to the restaurant where we ate lunch.  The wave looks dinky here, but at other times the waves were huge, we were just too busy eating the great coconut shrimp to take pictures.
Eric looking mighty fine at the restaurant we ate lunch at (the area the kids were surfing is slightly to the picture's right hand side).  Behind him is this huge hotel that has the best luau on the island 
which we went to two years ago. We liked it so much we are thinking of going back this year.

This restaurant used to be some really tacky place called "Jolly Roger" that served food that wasn't even as good as "Denny's" with the same kind of menu. Luckily, they went out of business and now this small chain restaurant bought it called "Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company".  It's based on the movie "Forest Gump".  Now normally, I don't go for the chain Hollywood based "theme" restaurants but this place served great food!

Okay, Eric found this shot of me again (it was taken off this site once) and fixed my "demon red eyes" and then, due to popular demand (okay, my friends Juliet and Deidre demanded I put it back up as Juliet saw it yesterday before it was taken off) I'M BAAACCCCKKKK!!

Same restaurant as the picture of Eric above (obviously). This is before our food was served and I was STARVING–those of you who know me personally know that that is why I'm not looking completely utterly amazed to be in Hawaii–just happy and very very hungry!


Okay, no one except the FushigiHotwire  newsgroup people are going to get the reason why I had to take pictures of both of these bumper stickers on various cars.  I hope to find more variations on this bumper sticker.  If anyone knows what is going on with these bumper stickers let me know!  

By the way, Nuriko made me do this (Simone's seishi reality problem looms large as she has to find a reason why she took these pictures). 

 The one on top was in our condo parking lot, the other was at the local Wal-mart (we needed throw away underwater cameras for our snorkeling trip tomorrow) and people thought I was taking pictures of the guy's license plate because he had run into me or something.  I stayed silent and mysterious on that topic 🙂  


Okay, here I am in Hawaii and while my husband is busy doing something on the computer I start watching the NGN cable channel which is a cool Japanese programming channel that has English sometimes and also English subtitles.

This was a twenty-minute sketch in an hour long program that comes on at night which is like a "Twilight Zone" type of show.  I'm not sure what the title of it was called.  Each week they have three twenty minute short stories.  I had to take this picture because this was too hilarious.  These two cops were so lame.  The women with the bloody knives are the wife (left) and lover (right) of a man they have just knifed in the stomach with kitchen knives. The story here is that he decided to be ambiguous and tell them that he both loved them.  That led to both of the women getting mad and killing him.  This was sort of like the movie "Groundhog Day" because the guy got to relive the scene and was told to be "more decisive". But when he told the women how he felt (he loved them both but his wife was more precious to him) they still knifed him, this time though the cops shot the two women and the three people all die together.  The moral of the story, according the "Twilight Zone" guy announcer?  "Not whether you should be decisive or ambiguous…but that you should not have extra-marital affairs."  Hmmm…very interesting.  Did they ever do stories like that on the American "Twilight Zone"?  I think not 😉

By the way, if you have the rights to this show don't sue us for printing this picture!  I would give you credit but I missed the name of this show at the beginning and it wasn't listed on our TV Guide.

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