Eric’s Birthday Part II


Remember I said we met a neighbor who owned a Blue Front Amazon parrot? Well here he is! His name is Buddy and he's really friendly!  He doesn't bite you as long as you don't try to pet him (unlike Modi if we put him on some stranger's arm).  His owner is named Walter and now he knows where we live and he's stopped by with Buddy this morning (1/6) who was in a very talkative and playful mood.  We got to start our day hearing, "Aloha!" and "I love you!".  Buddy doesn't sing like Modi does, but he's a great talker.  He's also a little bigger then Modi and has less blue on his face.  He's fifteen years old, while Modi is only 6 1/2.  Can you tell how happy I was in this pick to have a parrot on my arm?  MODI WE MISS YOU!!!!
This is the sunset (the very end of it) from the restaurant we ate dinner at for Eric's birthday.  That big ship is a different angle of the cruise ship we took photos of earlier.  The sunset wasn't as brilliantly colored as the other ones we've seen in the past because of the clouds and mist last evening.  We ate dinner at "The Chart House" which is a chain restaurant you can find at some harbors in the US, but the one in Kona Bay is the best we've ever been too. Basically red meat, chicken and exquisite seafood (I don't even like seafood except for shrimp but their Mahi Mahi is delectable!) with garlic mashed potatoes to die for.  For those readers who are addicted to desserts like I am, I would highly recommend the Tahitian vanilla with Belgian chocolate creme brulee AND Eric would recommend the NY style cheesecake with macadamia nuts and caramel sauce. 

This is me at dinner with Eric at "The Chart House" showing off my "Spoon of Justice"!

Most of you will not understand this joke unless:

1) You are Juliet.

2) You are a fan of Chichiri's seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) and have seen his fan site.

Eric, btw, thinks I'm insane.  Maybe I am.  

Eric at his birthday dinner.  Doesn't his new computer Hawaiian shirt look tres chic?  

Isn't the view from our table incredible? 

Happy Birthday to YOU Eric! 

Okay, here is the prerequisite couple's shot in Hawaii.  Our waitress took it and for someone who doesn't know how to use a digital camera she did pretty darn good!  I actually think this is the best couple's photo of us since we had our picture taken at a luau two years ago.  As you can tell Eric didn't put enough sun block on when we were snorkeling, I'm a little sunburned too but because I'm so darn pale it's not showing in this photo.
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