Circle of Fire–Flight around Kilauea

Simone and I toured the volcano with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

We left Kona around 0930 to make sure we had enough time to eat at Ken’s House of Pancake’s before our 1315 check in at the Hilo International Airport (ITO).DSCN1553

We drove the (Ala Muana) Saddle Road, Route 200,  and saved a some time but added a few bumps.  We are driving a Jeep Rubicon in hopes of getting to some difficult shore dive locations and it handled beautifully over the new Saddle Road.  I remember the day that you would not even consider driving the road without 4-wheel drive, now the rode is wonderfully maintained and there are only a few spots that are gravel.  I still recommend using a four-wheel drive vehicle and it comes in very handy getting to secluded beaches.

If you aren’t adventurous enough to drive on the side of a volcano, you can take Route 19 North and expect about a two and half (2.5) hour drive to the Hilo airport.

DSCN1550OK, what’s up with the Dorito’s bag?
Time for a little lesson in atmospheric pressure.  This bag was sealed when we left Kona at sea level but as we climbed the moutain at about 3500 feet, the outside pressure was lower than the pressure in the bag, and POP!, we have Dorito’s all over the back seat. It was fairly load, well load enough that we had two look around to see if we hit or got hit by something.





Once we got to Hilo we just had to eat at Ken’s. khop
I got the macademia nut pancakes and Simone got a Won Ton Saimon (soup) and a curry chicken salad sandwich.  The bowl of soup was huge.  And that was the keke (children’s) portion.







DSCN1595The flight in the Eco-Star was awesome.  Very comfortable with 5-point safety belts and Bose sound system.  Our pilot, Timothy, was very knowledgeable and a good stick.  He pointed out the surface flow and made sure everyone on-board a view of the action, whether it was the waterfalls or the volcano.







Simone wore the mini-camera sun glasses and got some good video from the flight, but to whet your appetite here is a collection of shots from the helicopter:

On our way back to the helipad I saw a lone 747 sitting at the end of the tarmac.

Hmm, that’s interesting.  As we got closer I took this picture, guess who was visiting the island?


Next up. our trip around the crater.

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