Arrived in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

We are finally here!  After three plane changes and 20 hours of travel Simone and I are safely in our condo.


iphone 002Our first flight from Pittsburgh to Houston, TX was delayed from 0550 until 0630.  After boarding and de-ice we were wheels-up around 0700.  The flight had only one interesting moment; when we were about an hour outside of Houston we played chicken with a Southwest flight which past on our starboard side about 50 feet vertical and maybe 500 feet horizontal.  I wish I had the camera going but the fly-by lasted only a second or two.  I don’t think it would have been much of a match for the RJ we were in.

We were at the gate in Houston (IAH) at 0900 and had a 0925 departure.  It was a quick jog to the tram and then over to the E gates.  By the time Simone and I were at the gate, the plane was loaded.  We may have been the last on the plane, but the push-back wasn’t for another 10 to 15 minutes.







The long leg, Houston to Honolulu, was about 9 hours.  I loved the Flight Info broadcast to each seat and the entertainment selection was nice.  SImone and I brought an iPad and watched Despicable Me and Nemo near the end of the flight.  I caught some inflight shots, and I’m using one for the wallpaper on my WinMo phone.


The last (and shortest) leg was from Honolulu to Kona (KOA).  It was a very quick 30 minutes in a 717


This year (like our last trip) while on the Big Island we are staying at Kona By the Sea.


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