Hawaii Adventure 2001

6:20 AM Depart on Continental Airlines for Houston with connecting flight to Honolulu.  Then we have another inter-island connection flight to our first destination island– THE BIG ISLAND or HAWAII!!!
The flight was comfortable (ok not really we got stuck in coach because no upgrades were available even though we had the points–and our knees were KILLING us), but otherwise uneventful.  The in-flight movies (Houston to Honolulu) were; Bring it On (tacky but amusing movie about cheerleading competitions.  The routines were fascinating though and Eric (ecchi!!!) liked the short skirts on the girls! ), Beautiful (really good touching movie about a woman who is a beauty queen person who has a child and tries to hide the fact–the ending sucked though–both Eric and I agreed on that one), and Bedazzled (which we'd seen before and loved so much we didn't mind watching it again. This is that hilarious movie where Brendan Fraser is tempted by the Devil in the form of Elizabeth Hurley.  We would BOTH highly recommend this movie to anyone that has not seen it and anyone who loves Brendan Fraser-ahem–mind if I take him for my NON-anime harem?  HEE HEE. Oh Okay Eric, you can have Elizabeth if you want-chuckle).
We got to the condo around 5:00 PM local time, that makes it 10:00 PM east coast time.  We were zombies by then.  

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